TiN coating
The first [relevant-to-adsense type=”start”]thin film coating[relevant-to-adsense type=”stop”] to be used successfully to machine steel in industry and still the most recognized, distinguished by its attractive bright gold colour. The PVD TiN coating was first used on High Speed Steel (HSS) tooling because it could be applied below 500 deg C, the temperature at which HSS starts to soften. However the many advantages of the PVD TiN coating were obvious to the cemented carbide industry, and in 1985 the first PVD TiN coated cemented carbide cutting tool inserts were introduced for milling applications.

The TiN coating is a wear resistant ceramic coating suitable for a wide range of applications, materials, and cutting conditions where extended tool life and elevated feeds and speeds are required. The friction coefficient helps chip flow, prevents build up of workpiece material at the tool edge and reduces cutting forces and tool temperature. However the TiN coating has been superceded in many applications by TiAlN, TiCN and CrN.

TiN coating – Applications
The TiN coating is used for machining (carbon, alloy, and stainless steels, cast irons, and aluminum alloys) and protecting dies, moulds, punches, and a range of metal stamping and forming tools. It is also used for decorative components and as a direct gold plating replacement as it approximately the same colour.