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KRAFTONWEG OY are combining research and experimental production. We are focused on developing new functional metal coatings and new methods of their deposition, including the development of coating materials which meet specific customer’s requirements.

Our new technology utilizes all three components of plasma flow at the same time: droplets, vapour and plasma itself, so that the deposition rate reaches as high as 1-5 microns per minute.

Series of coatings based on Ta, Nb, Zr, Ti-6Al-4V and TiCu have been obtained and tested. Particularly α-βTa and Ta -based coatings are formed with hardness of 200-800 HV in about 100 microns thick.

The technology is applicable for obtaining various material structures from continuous/solid ones up to really gradient and multi-layered coatings including intermetallic, as well as for evaporating nearly every metal and its combinations.

Coatings from 20 to 150 microns in thickness.  Detached films of 20-300 microns.

Possible applications:

1. Coating of machinery components, also including cases when coating
itself is subjected to mechanical loads.
2. Coating on external surfaces.
3. Extra corrosion resistant Zr, ZrTa coatings (20-150microns)  on sheet metal for further
production of reactors, fittings, tubing with coated internal surface, heat
exchangers, etc. for chemical industry equipment.
4. Manufacturing of detached film of certain composition.
5. Possibility to put coatings on ceramic materials.

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