February 27, 2010 PVD Coating

This is a glow discharge ball located in the Scitech museum in Western Australia

* Museum Exhibit Display
* Definition: Kinetic Plasma Display/Sculpture
* Total Height: 62 inches (5 foot 4 inches) tall.
* Globe Width/Diameter: 24 inches wide.
* Globe: Hand-blown Borosilicate/Pyrex (Corning) crystal sphere.
* Power supply (included): 240/220volts AC
* Cabinet Finish: Satin Black Matt
* Electrode: Thinly coated Silver Colloidal on inner electrode terminal wall.
* Fill Mixture: Research Purity Grade Inert Gas (non toxic) plus catalysts.
* Run time testing = 36 hours continuous for testing.
* Condition: Filled 2008 – ‘Vintage’ 1988 Borosilicate Corning Crystal globe.
* Color: Unique steel-blue & violet with crimson highlight effect
* Discharge effect: Single streamer from electrode to top of the sphere, which then splits and creates a “plasma dome” or “inverted cauldron” effect. The high conductance of the gas combination means a single fingertip will attract the plasma strands on contact. (see video) Glass walls are thermal shock resistant.


PVD Coating

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